The Business Advantages of Joining KEZAD Group

Business Setup

KEZAD's ecosystem enables businesses to take advantage of the strategic location, faster access to markets, low set up and operational costs, flexibility in scale of operations, and efficient investor business support services.

Speed to Market

Set up your business with KEZAD Group with fast and efficient access to key markets through major ports, international airports, highways, upcoming rail networks, and flexible company formation process.

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Enabling Significant Cost Savings

Are you looking for an environment that can help your business grow? KEZAD Group’s cost-effective solutions are designed to help businesses operate at peak efficiency.

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Flexibility of Scale

Our Free Zone and Domestic Economic Zone facilities allow businesses to expand their reach and customise their lease arrangements to fit their needs.

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Growing Community

Are you looking for a business hub that prioritises the comfort and convenience of employees? With multiple residential, social areas, and leisure facilities within a 10-minute drive, we ensure everyone feels at home.

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Strategic Location

Strategically located between Abu Dhabi and Dubai, the two most important economic centres of the Middle East, businesses in KEZAD have an exceptional location and are ideally positioned to serve their key markets in the GCC, Middle East, and Africa.


Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE is a thriving business and lifestyle hub at the centre of trade between Europe, Asia, and Africa. Distinctive Arabian hospitality and rich culture, blended with a cosmopolitan and modern lifestyle, make Abu Dhabi an ideal city to live and work in.

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