Abu Dhabi

The emirate attracts people from across the world looking to take advantage of its modern lifestyle, sunny weather, and safety.

The Cosmopolitan Capital of the United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi has become home to people from all over the world who are drawn to its natural beauty, vibrant cultural scene, inspiring heritage and dynamic business landscape. A true melting pot of cultures and a unique blend of traditions, the emirate offers its residents the opportunity to pursue their chosen lifestyle in a safe, open, innovative and diverse environment.

Abu Dhabi World Rankings


Abu Dhabi 

#1 In the United Arab Emirates

  • Highest contributor of the UAE’s GDP
  • Highest Oil & Gas reserves in the UAE
  • Most competitive utility rates in the UAE
  • Most developed technology base in the Middle East

United Arab Emirates 

#1 In the MENA region

  • Global Competitive Index 1
  • Global Innovation Index 2
  • Ease of Doing Business 3
  • Access to Electricity 3

#1 Safest City

Abu Dhabi is the safest city in the world1

1 Numbeo 202 Index

#1 Happiest City

Abu Dhabi is the happiest city in the Arab region 2

2 World Happiness Report 2020

#1 Expatriate City

The top expatriate city to live in the Middle East 3

3 InterNations Expat Insider 2019
Housing and Accommodation

Housing and Accommodation

Abu Dhabi offers a wide range of accommodation options to people looking to relocate . From established family-friendly communities like Mohammed Bin Zayed City and Al Mushrif to brand-new high-rise apartments in Al Reem and villas on Saadiyat Island to modern staff accommodation facilities. While renting is the most common option for new arrivals, Abu Dhabi allows expatriate ownership of property and many choose this option as they look to put down their roots.

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Ranked among one of the top 10 most efficient healthcare systems in the world, Abu Dhabi offers a state-of-the-art medical infrastructure. With highly skilled doctors and patient care, Abu Dhabi’s internationally accredited medical facilities are modern and easily accessible to both locals and expatriates, with both public and private hospitals offering premium healthcare.

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World-Class Education

Abu Dhabi offers a comprehensive and well-developed education system for students of all ages – starting from preschool and kindergarten. There are a number of private international schools that accommodate a wide range of nationalities. There are also a number of internationally recognised universities located in Abu Dhabi as well as adult education colleges – offering the opportunity for people to further their education in vocational areas or even to a master’s and PhD levels.

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With a modern road network within Abu Dhabi and the surrounding areas, the city is highly accessible regardless of your choice of transport. Public transportation is readily available with a modern fleet of buses working around the clock as well as modern and affordable taxi services. And for those interested in having their own transportation, owning or leasing a private vehicle is also very easy. With a wide range of international models available, and low cost of fuel as well as the rising number of EV charging stations, owning or renting a car is relatively economical.

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Something for Everyone

Expatriates living in Abu Dhabi will find that weekends and downtime are never uninteresting, with a diverse range of events and activities available to suit everyone’s indulgence. Residents can relax and unwind at a number of beaches, shop local boutiques, luxury malls, and souks, engage in a variety of sports and water sports, as well as taste award-winning world flavours and local cuisine, or uncover the emirate’s rich heritage and arts scene.


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