Business Setup, Infrastructure and Ecosystem

KEZAD Group offers a world-class infrastructure and business ecosystem

Business Setup

Setting up your business with KEZAD Group is quick and easy. We have an exceptional client support team that will walk you through all the necessary documentation while helping you decide on what kind of licence to acquire. Depending on your sector, legal type, and business scope, we can guide you on the best method to continue your journey.
Company Legal Type

Company Legal Types

Different types of business establishments can be set up with KEZAD Group, as defined in the United Arab Emirates’ company laws.

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Company License Type

Company Licence Types

Familiarise yourself with the basics of business licencing that is compliant with the United Arab Emirates’ legal provisions.

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Business Facilities

KEZAD Group's world-class facilities provide your business with the necessary internal transportation and utilities network to start operations immediately.

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