Driving Positive change for a Greener Future

Greener Zones, Sustainable Future

At KEZAD, we strive to create sustainable communities within our zones by taking a range of initiatives aimed at reducing overall emissions, conserving energy, and fostering a greener environment.

As a result of our strategic partnerships and innovative technologies, we are at the forefront of sustainable development, driving positive changes and contributing to global efforts to combat climate change.

Our commitment to sustainability revolves around 3 pillars

environement-protection environement-protection

People- Social Responsibility

At KEZAD, we are dedicated to cultivating a high standard of living within our zones. With over 40 residential complexes, our vibrant and fully integrated communities strive to provide a safe and conducive environment for all the workers.

At KEZAD, we ensure that our residential communities offer decent housing and essential amenities, including clean water, sanitation, and reliable electricity, fostering conditions conducive to health and well-being.
KEZAD fosters an inclusive and participatory environment where residents can enjoy a range of cultural, social, and recreational activities, promoting a sense of belonging and community spirit.
The residential communities at KEZAD prioritise the health and safety of residents by implementing proactive measures to prevent accidents, offer emergency response services, and encourage healthy lifestyles. This includes addressing occupational health hazards, ensuring sanitation standards, and facilitating access to healthcare facilities. Additionally, we conduct emergency response drills, awareness campaigns, and environmental protection initiatives to ensure the well-being of KEZAD employees and businesses within our zones.
At KEZAD, we uphold fair labour standards and advocate for decent working conditions for residential workers, including equitable wages, reasonable working hours, and protection against exploitation and discrimination.
We promote environmentally sustainable practices within our residential communities, such as efficient energy usage, waste reduction, and recycling of waste, creation of green spaces, and the introduction of sustainable transportation options, including electric buses. These efforts aim to minimise our ecological footprint and contribute to climate resilience.
At KEZAD, we encourage social cohesion, mutual respect, and cultural diversity within our residential communities. By fostering an environment where individuals from diverse backgrounds can coexist harmoniously and interact positively, we are promoting a sense of unity and inclusivity within our communities.

800 K +

Metric tonnes of CO2 captured annually

288 K sqm

Irrigation network upgrades

3000KGs +

Recycling of waste in 2023

environement-protection KEZAD Group

Planet- Environmental Protection

KEZAD is committed to preserving the environment within its zones through the implementation of various measures aimed at reducing resource consumption. Our efforts encompass initiatives such as water rationalisation, carbon capture initiatives, and biodiversity conservation.

Water Rationalisation

In collaboration with Sustainable Water Solutions Holding Company (SWS), KEZAD is set to develop a polished water production plant to promote water conservation.

Sustainable Land Use

KEZAD has undertaken a comprehensive project covering 24km of main roads, landscaping, and irrigation network upgrades across 288,000 sqm, including the planting of 350 trees, to minimise water usage and enhance greenery.

Climate Change Mitigation

KEZAD is actively engaged in carbon capture initiatives, with a target of capturing 800,000 metric tonnes of CO2 annually, with plans to scale up to 4 million metric tonnes per year within three years.

Waste Reduction Programs

KEZAD conducts a yearly plastic bottle recycling initiative, resulting in the recycling of over 3000KGs of waste in 2023, including 1300 KG of plastic bottles.

Biodiversity Conservation

To preserve biodiversity, KEZAD has designated a 3.35 sq. km conservation area in Khalifa Industrial Area - KEZAD Area B2. Additionally, an ongoing translocation project aims to relocate the Spiny Tailed Lizard (Dhub) from KEZAD Area B1 to the conservation area in KEZAD Area B2.

Supporting infrastructure

KEZAD boasts the essential infrastructure to support initiatives aimed at enhancing energy efficiency, reducing carbon emissions, and fostering a greener environment. From pioneering the export of Green Hydrogen and Ammonia through the dedicated terminal at Khalifa Port to implementing cutting-edge LED lighting solutions and solar-powered infrastructure, KEZAD remains steadfast in its commitment to leading sustainable development initiatives.
The signature Khalifa Port within KEZAD boasts a dedicated Liquid & Gas terminal, enabling the efficient export of Green Hydrogen and Ammonia to global markets, supporting the transition to clean energy sources worldwide.
At KEZAD, we are expanding and enhancing the natural gas supply network to support energy-efficient operations and drive sustainability within our zones, ensuring reliable and clean energy access for businesses and residents alike.
At KEZAD, we prioritise energy efficiency and cost savings by employing LED lighting solutions across our facilities. With LED consumption costs amounting to only 30% of current High Sodium Pressure Volume consumption costs, we ensure sustainable lighting practices while optimizing operational expenses.
Demonstrating our commitment to energy conservation and CO2 emission reduction, we are installing smart hoarding structures equipped with solar lighting along roadsides and roundabouts within our zones. These initiatives not only save energy but also contribute to creating a more sustainable environment.
KEZAD is dedicated to the continuous improvement of our zones, including enhancing the road network. We are committed to implementing sustainable initiatives, such as asphalt pavement recycling, reducing waste generation, and promoting circular economy practices in infrastructure development.

Innovation and Technology

At KEZAD, we prioritise sustainability by investing in innovative technologies and forging strategic partnerships with both public and private entities. Our focus includes a robust green energy program for hydrogen production and the adoption of advanced solutions like automation, digitalisation, and circular economy principles. These initiatives underscore our commitment to resource efficiency and environmental responsibility, essential elements of our business values and sustainability goals.
At KEZAD, we are pioneering the implementation of circular economy principles within businesses operating within our zones. Through innovative strategies and collaborative partnerships, we aim to create a closed-loop system where resources are utilised efficiently, waste is minimized, and materials are continually recycled and repurposed.

KEZAD is at the forefront of promoting energy efficiency and optimization, aiming to maximize efficiencies by reducing and conserving energy.

  • Hydrogen Alliance: KEZAD has formed a strategic alliance with industry leaders, including Mubadala, ADNOC, ADQ, and the Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure. This alliance is focused on the production of blue and green hydrogen for exports, as well as driving investments in renewable energy and energy optimisation initiatives.
  • International Collaboration: KEZAD has established partnerships with key players in the green hydrogen sector on an international scale. Notably, our collaboration with Sustainable Water Solutions Holding Company (SWS) is aimed at developing a state-of-the-art water production plant, furthering our commitment to sustainable practices.
KEZAD's partnership with Emirates Steel Arkan, ITOCHU Corporation, and JFE Steel to develop a low carbon iron complex marks a significant leap in environmental sustainability within the industrial sector. By adopting advanced technologies, the complex aims to drastically reduce carbon emissions associated with traditional ironmaking. This initiative underscores our commitment to environmental stewardship and sets a new standard for responsible industrial practices, contributing to global efforts to combat climate change.
environement-protection KEZAD Group

Creating Sustainable Business Possibilities

We consider environmental compliance and ethical standards as essential pillars of sustainability in the industrial field. Aligning with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals 2030, we form strategic partnerships to encourage businesses to adopt sustainable initiatives. From facilitating environmental licensing to promoting investments in renewable energy and sustainable construction, KEZAD is dedicated to creating endless business possibilities for its clients and fostering a culture of sustainability.

Environmental Compliance Standards

At KEZAD, adherence to environmental regulations and ethical standards forms a cornerstone of our sustainability initiatives. We are committed to upholding the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2030 as part of our strategic vision for sustainable development.

Sustainable Partnership Strategies

  • Partnership with the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi: KEZAD collaborates with the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi to offer the ‘Auto Permit X71’ service, streamlining environmental licensing processes for industrial facilities within our zones.
  • Partnership with Abu Dhabi Department of Energy (DOE): We have partnered with the Abu Dhabi DOE to facilitate the issuance of clean energy certificates for our clients, promoting the adoption of renewable energy and sustainable practices.

Promoting Estidama Initiative

KEZAD actively promotes the adoption of sustainable design, construction, and operation principles within its zones through the Estidama initiative. By emphasising energy and water efficiency, waste management, and overall environmental performance, we aim to create resilient and sustainable built environments for businesses and communities.