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Free Zone

The Free Zone in KEZAD offers a host of advantages for clients based on their business strategy and requirements.

The Free Zone jurisdiction allows 100% foreign ownership in companies and is suitable for startups, wholesale distributors, re-exporters and companies requiring warehousing activities. Free Zone facilities are also suitable for industrial projects targeting markets outside the GCC region.

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Features & Advantages of Free Zone Business Set Up

Whether you are a small startup or an established large-scale business, KEZAD Group has customised solutions available in its Free Zone. Here you will find further information on the benefits and procedures to help you get started.


Features and Advantages


Features and Advantages
100% foreign ownership


Features and Advantages
0% tax-free


Features and Advantages

Sales in Local Market

Features and Advantages
Through distributors and/or local agents or by utilising a dual licence

Customs Duty

Features and Advantages
  • No customs duties within Free Zone
  • Standard customs duty for goods in transit:
    • Between points of entry (seaports/airports/borders) and Free Zones
    • Between Free Zones and point of exit (export).
  • Standard customs duty for sales to the local market (import) and GCC (first point of entry - import).
  • Local customs duties applicable for imports into other countries.

Capital & Profit Repatriation

Features and Advantages
100% Allowed

Labour Law

Features and Advantages
Free Zone rules and labour law

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Dual Licence for Free Zone Companies

Free Zone companies in KEZAD can obtain an additional licence from the Department of Economic Development, Abu Dhabi, which enables KEZAD-based Free Zone companies to carry out their economic activities outside of the Free Zone without the need for additional offices or business facilities.
Dual Licence

Business Facilities

KEZAD Group can accommodate businesses of any scale, thanks to its array of facilities including serviced land plots, pre-built light industrial units and warehouses, offices, and shared workspaces. For businesses that need customised facilities, KEZAD Group also offers build-to-suit solutions.

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