Business Set-up


Setting Up Advantages

Setting Up Advantages

Enabling Significant Cost Savings

  • Ample and reliable supply of utilities (power, gas, and water) at the most competitive rates in the UAE
  • No corporate and income tax
  • Duty-free trade in the GCC free trade area for “MADE IN UAE” products
  • Prime location facilities at very competitive lease rates

Speed to Market and Proximity Advantage

  • Fast access to key markets through two major ports, five international airports, multi-lane highways and future rail, connecting KEZAD Group’s economic cities and free zones with the rest of the UAE and GCC
  • Simplified and flexible company formation
  • Presence of supporting entities such as raw material suppliers, packaging and specialised logistics services within the zone
  • KEZAD Group is the single interface for all approvals

Flexibility in Scale of Operations

  • Option to operate for the local and regional /global markets through Free Zone and Domestic Economic Zone facilities
  • Flexibility in lease tenure, structuring, etc.
  • Infrastructure to support a wide range of businesses, from start-ups to mega projects
  • Future-ready development with provisions for expansion and integration with new projects

Growing Community of Businesses, Zones, and Amenities

  • Multiple residential, social areas, leisure facilities within 10 minutes’ drive
  • Multiple on-site staff accommodation facilities
  • Zoned approach with shared amenities for better planning and leaner development for clients
  • Dedicated zones for SMEs, logistics and business parks

How to Apply

If you plan to set up your business at KEZAD, our application forms describe the procedures to help you get started.

You can choose from two types of companies, based on your business strategy and requirements:

  • Domestic Economic Zone: Licence is issued from Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED).
  • Free Zone: Licence is directly issued from KEZAD Free Zone.

Company Licence Type

Familiarise yourself with the basics of business licencing that is compliant with the United Arab Emirates’ legal provisions.

Industrial Licence

Permits import of raw material, manufacturing, processing, assembling, packaging and export of intermediate and/or finished products and such other industrial activities as are published in the Industrial Licence Category List.

Trading Licence OR General Trading Licence

Permits trading activities that include import, export, distribution, stocking, warehousing of products and items specified on the Licence and such other trading activities as are published in the Trading Licence Category List.

A General Trading Licence is issued if the total number of products exceed 17 (Seventeen) or the total number of groups exceed 3 (three).

Service Licence

Permits service activities such as management and economic consulting services, marketing services, logistical support services such as cargo and freight forwarding, restaurants, retail food outlets, catering services, travel agencies, etc. as are published in the Service Licence Category List.


Company Legal Type

Different types of business establishments can be set up with KEZAD Group, as defined in the United Arab Emirates’ company laws.

Limited Liability Company

As the name suggests, the company is a limited liability company, having a minimum paid-up capital of AED 150,000 or such higher paid-up capital as may be prescribed.

The limited liability company can be formed by a minimum of 2 (two) and a maximum of 50 (fifty) shareholders whose liability is limited to their shares in the business capital. It can be owned by individual or corporate or individual and corporate.

Branch Company

An existing company holding a valid registration and licence outside of KEZAD can apply for the formation of a branch company in KEZAD.

The branch company can be either registered as a branch of UAE Company or a branch of foreign Company.


Registration & Licencing Procedures

KEZAD Group offers a helping hand at every stage of setting up your business here, including the registration and licencing stage, through dedicated support personnel for applicants.

KEZAD Group offers a streamlined and efficient registration and licencing process which ensures that most licences are issued within a week of submission of the completed application, payment and relevant documentation.

During this process, dedicated Client Relationship Executives are appointed to all applicants to provide support. This single point of contact ensures that licencing, visa applications and other services are all executed smoothly and efficiently.

Online registration will guide you to set up the company according to the legal type, licence type and facility type.

Note: To complete your online registration and licence forms you are kindly requested to enter your COLA (Confirmation of Lease Agreement) reference number.

Download Our Brochure

Download our brochure to find out more about KEZAD Group, including our benefits, partnerships, connectivity, and support information.


Download Our Brochure

Download our brochure to find out more about KEZAD Group, including our benefits, partnerships, connectivity, and support information.