Why KEZAD Group

Industry-Specific Infrastructure Solutions

Sector-Based Supply Chain and Utilities Infrastructure

KEZAD Group’s world-class infrastructure provides businesses with the necessary transport and utilities network and opportunities through its integrated ecosystems approach.

The internal road network and connections within the economic cities and free zones are ready-built with primary and secondary networks providing direct access to and from Khalifa Port and connecting to the main highways.

Utility corridors are designed across the economic zones to provide power, water, telecom, sewerage services and special utilities such as industrial water and feedstock, that may be critical to your industry.

Infrastructure in KEZAD Group’s economic cities and free zones is also designed and built to facilitate future rail connectivity through dedicated rail corridors, integrating rail freight facilities into your operating plans.

Integrated Ecosystems

KEZAD Group’s multiple economic ecosystems make it possible to allocate land by grouping certain industries and service providers together based on how best they can benefit one another. This creates value by leveraging anchor clients and facilitating synergies and operational efficiencies. In this is a circle of value creation; products being produced by one client can be taken up by others within the economic zones.

This gathering of collective expertise also creates a business environment that fosters research and growth and the development of skills and talent.

Industry Innovations

At KEZAD Group, we strive to design innovative solutions that offer your business a significant advantage.

Hot Metal Road: A specially constructed roadway that enables cost-effective and energy-efficient transport and delivery of molten metals.

Modular Path: An eight-lane highway designed to enable large plant and equipment to be transported directly between Khalifa Port and the clients’ facilities.

Sea Water Cooling System: Specifically built to support heavy industries such as our anchor client EGA (Emirates Global Aluminium); this system ensures that water returning to the sea is cooled down and brings no harm to marine life.

Integrated Staff Residence Solutions

KEZAD Communities is a part of AD Ports Group’s Economic Cities & Free Zones Cluster and provides end-to-end solutions for employees’ well-being across the full value chain, including new developments, services and property management solutions. KEZAD Communities is also responsible for the management and operations of the group’s existing and new staff accommodation centres.

Leveraging on its expertise and understanding of market and business needs, KEZAD Communities also facilitates and develops new investment opportunities in staff accommodation by evaluating the viability of assets, strategic planning, project management and consultancy.

KEZAD Communities currently manages over 40 communities with its partners to provide amenities, facilities, and services to residents in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Al Dhafra.

Download Our Brochure

Download our brochure to find out more about KEZAD Group, including our benefits, partnerships, connectivity, and support information.

Download Our Brochure

Download our brochure to find out more about KEZAD Group, including our benefits, partnerships, connectivity, and support information.