March 7, 2023

Employees whose well being is taken into account are more productive members for their companies. This is where KEZAD Group developed KEZAD Communities; smart accommodation solutions that ensure workers are cared for.

KEZAD Communities currently manages over 40 Abu Dhabi staff accommodation centres with its partners to provide amenities, facilities and services to residents in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and Al Dhafrah regions. Through extensive experience in the staff accommodation market, they are able to provide several core services. These include Accommodation Services, Property Management, Facilities Management, Real Estate Development and Community Services.

Through their different services, KEZAD Communities can help ensure that staff accommodation are comfortable, well managed, and able to support smart communities. By ensuring a high level of standards, staff can perform at their best. In turn, by supporting the well being of the staff, companies can then enjoy a higher ROI.

KEZAD collaborates with regional, international, public and private companies, raising the UAE’s appeal for foreign investment. In line with the UAE’s industrial strategy, KEZAD Communities aims to grow Abu Dhabi’s industrial sector and stimulate the emirates’ economy.

KEZAD Communities prides itself on championing staff wellbeing in their accommodations and communities. By introducing smart applications and sustainable solutions to diversify offerings, they provide real estate solutions that aim to improve the quality of life for employees and reduce costs while maintaining high standards.

Located across the emirate of Abu Dhabi, KEZAD Communities are close to the main economic zones and vibrant commercial centres. These communities serve residents from companies of various sectors, including manufacturing, oil and gas, metals and food processing. The geographic distribution of the communities is designed to minimise travel time and transportation costs, with an average travel time of 20 minutes between these locations and the workplaces in the economic areas.