March 6, 2023

Having the right support and community behind you is crucial to business success. The proper network can offer invaluable connections, as well as afford a new business with necessary insight to propel their venture to new heights. This is where KEZAD Group has introduced a smart online platform called ‘Josoor’.

In Arabic, Josoor means bridges, and just as the Arabic meaning implies, the platform was created to connect people from throughout the KEZAD Group family under one safe platform.

All businesses within KEZAD Group have access and can search the vast directory to start establishing the right community to support their business. The platform also allows for greater exposure and problem solving, as participants can ask questions and receive valuable feedback from the community.

Joining the platform is easy and accomplished in just a few steps. Businesses are encouraged to develop a brochure, a website and social channels, in order to increase their visibility and exposure through the platform. Additionally, the more detailed a company’s profile is, the greater the chances for greater collaboration. For example, the platform could be used for searching for the relevant products or suppliers, or for establishing partnerships with the right businesses.

So far the businesses that use the programme include multinationals, SMEs and start-ups across multiple manufacturing and production sectors, trading and logistics operating in KEZAD. All this is set within 550 km2 of industrial and free zones, as well as 12 economic zones. Such a varied spectrum affords new businesses with a lot of potential for symbiotic partnerships.

The Josoor platform also allows for brainstorming sessions and workshops, where many ideas and solutions can be shared. It is such environments of connectivity, transparency and communication, that really offer an advantageous element to working with KEZAD Group.

Josoor is just one of many empowering elements that KEZAD Group has created in order to create a supportive foundation for investors. With over 1750 clients already registered, and numerous business partnerships, the collaboration potential of joining Josoor is significant.