Kizad acknowledges growing healthcare sector within GCC

February 2, 2014

Khalifa Industrial Zone looks to attract healthcare investors at ARAB HEALTH

Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi (Kizad) is looking to attract industrialists from the healthcare sector and took the opportunity to participate at ARAB HEALTH 2014 recently, exhibiting for the first time at the largest healthcare exhibition and congress in the Middle East and Asia.

Over the course of four days, from 27-30 January at the Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Center, Kizad officials promoted the industrial zone and its healthcare cluster to over 3,800 international healthcare professionals, including a wide range of investors within the pharmaceutical and healthcare equipment industry.

“ARAB HEALTH provides a great opportunity to showcase our state-of-the-art facilities at Kizad to a wider international audience. Three of the distinct advantages of setting up your business at Kizad are access to new markets, highly competitive utility rates and world class infrastructure”, said Engineer Khaled Salmeen, CEO and Managing Director of Kizad.

Under the vertically designed industrial model in Kizad, clusters are in close proximity to one another, offering down and mid-stream producers highly cost effective production advantages.

“Today, we have over 45 national, regional and international investors from various industries who are in the process of setting up their businesses at Kizad. As the healthcare sector in the GCC is growing rapidly, we are further developing our healthcare cluster and are looking to attract investors from the pharmaceutical and healthcare equipment industry. Whether from the production or logistics side, Kizad is able to offer highly competitive business opportunities with access to new markets for serious investors”, Salmeen added.

Kizad offers fully integrated pre-built warehouses leasing at competitive rates and built to very high standards. Each unit benefits from being close to the multi-modal transportation network in Kizad, including Khalifa Port, the first and only semi-automated deep sea port in the region. 

One of the UAE’s largest medical and pharmaceutical suppliers, City Pharmacy, is already based at Kizad. As a tenant, City Pharmacy will make use of Kizad’s advanced transportation network. This network includes access by road, air, sea and soon, rail. Also, City Pharmacy benefits from low utility costs as well as the ease of doing business environment that all investors at Kizad have grown accustomed to.

Furthermore Kizad’s strategic location gives global market access to more than 4.5 billion people within four time zones.

The One Stop Shop (OSS) is a further service that Kizad provides its business partners and clients with, offering comprehensive support and assistance to investors, every step of the way. In addition, Kizad assigns dedicated Government relations personnel to investors in order to ensure rapid processing and approvals by facilitating relationships with government and licensing authorities.

According to figures published earlier by ARAB HEALTH, the healthcare sector in the GCC region promises significant growth over the next five years. This said, the healthcare spend is expected to triple to USD 133billion by 2018, with a further need for 90,690 hospital beds by 2018.

This makes it vital for any production facilities in the pharmaceutical and healthcare equipment industry to be able to access, not just the UAE, but also the wider GCC as well as the Middle East through their base at Kizad.